The good, the extra and the "Hallelujah !" service

* This is NOT a paid post nor a kiss ass one. I'd like to call it ... a relief post.*

I don't usually praise companies. In fact I can't even remember when I last did it ( if ever ) so let's say today is a special day. I don't praise them not because I never get good service but because I believe good service should be normal standard when one cares about his company.

What really blows me away is a company which goes the extra mile to help me, a Mr.Nobody who's not a regular in filling that company coffers.

Now I don't know how many of you ( the two daily readers of this blog :P ) know exactly what a domainer goes through when trying to drop catch an expiring domain but, and you have to take my word for it, is physical pain.

Pain I had to deal with today - the big day I was expecting from weeks - when a domain I really ( and I mean REALLY ) wanted expired. I'm not going to bore you with the story of how I was checking its WHOIS every hour from midnight last night just to be sure I'm going to register it the second it became available but I have to praise the registrar that went that extra mile helping me to get what I wanted in spite of the technical glitches occurred during registration.

I have to say that I went to hell and back few times during that awful 40 minutes - an enormous amount of time in domaining - but at the end ( in spite of me being silly and really annoying on Support Chat and Twitter ) they made the impossible and helped me get what I was dying for so, ladies and gentlemen please let me introduce you to one Hosting and Domain Registrar Company in Ireland that really are what they claim :
best in Ireland ( and not just, I'd say ) in their field and with a support service above all so far - and I've tried them all.

Cannot finish this without a big THANK YOU to their staff ( and with the required apology from me for my "desperate" behaviour ) so :

Thank you Blacknight, you're all aces in my ( really thin ) book !


Oh and if that's your thing they tame dragons too ...

The P.S. after

Just in case someone's curious IEDR release expired domains exactly at noon.

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