Irish Web Awards 2016

As you all probably know already is that time of the year again, the time for the Irish Web Awards
As I saw they have no nomination badges yet I took my liberty to play around a bit and make one just for practice...



I am a French online marketing university teacher who will be in Dublin for the next three days with 7 of my master 2 students.

We are currently looking for Irish SEOs who would be interested in chatting with us about how to do SEO in English speaking countries compared to French ones...

Day of the ( mixed up ) dragons

Words are useless, just pick up your dragon and find the real picture :D

Puzzle via Bank of Ireland Dragon's Den website

The good, the extra and the " Hallelujah ! " service

* This is NOT a paid post nor a kiss ass one. I'd like to call it ... a relief post.*

I don't usually praise companies. In fact I can't even remember when I last did it ( if ever ) so let's say today is a special day...

Couple of things I’d like to be invented

Iphone to flahdrive adaptor

Remote controlled door locks

One enviable business model ?

Using credit cards for online purchases is not ( really ) recommended this days and everyone should know this by now.

Luckily the new rechargeable ( credit ) cards makes things easier so whenever I have to buy something online I use one of them...

Back to stone age SEO

Practical " How to cheat Google after Penguin to rank first " guide.

You cannot but love the state of SEO in Ireland lately...