HB Dennis | Joe Duffy motor group

Or the place where "complimentary" doesn't come cheap

I guess everybody love their car and I guess everybody’s trying to take good care of it and I’m no exception.
Whenever I can ( time wise or financially ) I try to have my car in good (looking and running ) order. For that I tried 3 weeks ago the Complimentary Volvo Health Check offered by HB Dennis | Joe Duffy motor group .


For my peace of mind I read that offer many times to look for a catch ( small printing, starred text etc ) just to make sure I get what it says on the tin : a complimentary ( free by any dictionary ) health check with no strings attached. Considering that all’s good … I went for it and , hand on my heart, everything went smooth : from the nice welcome at the car shop door until the nice “see you later” I got. ( I guess they knew I’ll be back ).

Fast forward today and guess what : I’m back there with a really small ( tiny, tiny ) problem : I was missing a plastic pin used to hold my car inside roof liner. Something like this ↓

pin pin2

Well I bought the pin ( € 2.40 ) and ( of course ) I asked if I can have it fixed on my car – just a place and push job I know but being so small I was really afraid I can break it ( as I did before).
Being a civilized man I asked ( of course ) how much this service would cost me ( thinking of a few seconds job ) and the answer was :

” Free if you take a complimentary health check with us as is only a little push on its place job”

Being honest didn't pay this time as I told them I already had this (free) health check 3 weeks ago so everything changed :

from a free ( few seconds ) job I was told that pushing that ( small plastic shit pin ) in its place would cost me € 27.50 because I already took a complimentary ( free, remember ) health check but I didn’t chose to fix my car with them ….. which I would’ve done but I did it someplace else with 20% of the price they were quoting me.

Now I’m old enough to know that’s no such thing as a free ( “complimentary” ) thing but still ….