SEO is not (just) dead but already buried

I cannot believe how much happiness and applause this " Manage upgraded sitelinks in the new version of AdWords Editor " post on the official Google blog brings in some online circles.

All I see here is the real death ( and burial ) of organic search results in the visible part of the first page of Google SERP

HB Dennis | Joe Duffy motor group

I guess everybody love their car and I guess everybody’s trying to take good care of it and I’m no exception.

Whenever I can ( time wise or financially ) I try to have my car in good (looking and running ) order...

Is Google trying to eat your business ?

I guess everybody knows by now that Google’s secret dream is to own the internet.

Everybody knows too that this days everybody’s an SEO. A guru on it to be more precisely ( black, white or grey)...

Squeezing the juice out of #WebAwards

What better reason can I ask for (re)starting the blog than this year Web Awards ?

Maybe I can get some juice from people searching for #webawards12 :) ...